System Shock: Behind The Scenes With The Art Direction [VIDEO]

System Shock launched 24 years ago, and Nightdive Studios is working on its reimagination.

System Shock, which used crowdfunding, got a new update on Kickstarter. The game’s art team (led by Kevin Manning) talked in a video about how they tried to keep the past in the visuals while creating a 2018/2019-spec sight.

„The original System Shock was full of normative game ideas, but it terms of its graphics it was very much limited by the computing power of the time. In other words: the developers had to use a handful of polygons to their full potential, so they ended up with these really creative levels and architecture which became synonymous with the game,” says Robert Simon, the environment artist of the remake.

„For this to still feel like System Shock, we took a similar approach. We tried to achieve more with less. That means simpler but interesting dominant geometry, but with pockets of concentrated detail to sustain it. The retro cyberpunk aspect of the game gives us a lot of creative freedom. We can be playful with the lighting and the world design, but all of this is grounded in reality,” Simon added, who also believes that System Shock’s world must be „functional to be believable.”

The System Shock remake has no release date yet, but it’s in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: PCGamer

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