The PlayStation 4 Enters The End Of Its Lifecycle

During Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting, John Kodera, the PlayStation boss said that the PlayStation 4 entered the end of its lifecycle, which could have a negative impact on Sony‘s Game & Network Services arm (where the PlayStation brand is located), it’s likely not going to happen due to things like the increased PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and there are still major games in development for the console (Spider-Man, Days Gone, The Last of Us: Part II, Dreams, Ghost of Tsushima…).

Kodera explains that while the PlayStation 4 sales’ expectations are lowered (16 million in the current fiscal year, down from 19 million), it’s partially because the PlayStation 4 has been on the market for 4.5 years, and there’s still a lot of life in the console.

Sony predicts a downturn in their profits for the Game & Network Services arm for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2021 – Kodera says that the PlayStation brand will „crouch down once” that time to stand taller than before in the future. Perhaps that’s when the PlayStation 5 could launch, which was rumored to launch in 2020.

Regarding the PlayStation VR, Kodera said that while it’s a growing platform, its growth is below expectations. PlayStation Vue (Sony’s TV streaming service…) is also in the red at the moment.

Sony is looking into the future already.

Source: GameSpot

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