RIDE 3 dates its launch and presents the first trailer [VIDEO]

Milestone is betting on a video game with an entirely new graphics heart and a revised experience.

Although it had leaked yesterday through Amazon UK, it has not been until when Milestone has formalized the development of RIDE 3. It is a motorcycle video game where the player can discover, transform and test the fastest, iconic and original vehicles of the world under “a completely new heart and a completely revised experience.” It will arrive on November 8th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Milestone returns to bet, as happens with the new MotoGP 18, by the use of the Unreal Engine 4 graphic engine. This allows the studio to guarantee in RIDE 3 a great visual rendering as well as detailed effects of particles and lighting and a photorealistic level of environments, with tracks reproduced in detail and the introduction of a night mode. To ensure an even more immersive experience, the AI, the physical simulation and the collision system have been redesigned and improved.

RIDE 3 launch will include 230 vehicles divided into seven categories, much more then in RIDE 2, as well as 30 circuits of which 12 are unpublished in the franchise. Milestone also promises different customization possibilities, which will allow players to edit their bicycles both mechanically and aesthetically with more than 500 pieces and the presence of an “innovative editor,” Livery, for users with unlimited creativity and I want to share it online.

Finally, RIDE 3 also presents a thoroughly revised race mode based on volumes, “a unique experience that tells the story of a specific category of motorcycles, their producers or iconic tracks.”

The previous installment of the franchise was launched on the market in October 2016, highlighted by its wide variety of motorcycles and its numerous personalization options, as explained by V in the RIDE 2 review published on PS4Pro.

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