Spider-Man: Another Pre-Order Bonus (Accidentally) Revealed [VIDEO]

The second out of the three bonuses are now getting discussed.

The second pre-order suit is going to be familiar from Avengers: Infinity War or Spider-Man: Homecoming – it’s going to be the Iron Spider suit.

The video is a little tricky: the video originally showed up on PlayStation’s YouTube account, but it got deleted, and as always, it was too late. Why are we talking about it, then? Simple: Insomniac Games, the developers, previously confirmed that each suit would have their custom abilities.

The next reveal is set for July, although the video below seems to end before that – we know this via VG247, where we took the images from, too. Until then, there’s a lot to discuss, as the PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider-Man will launch on September 7.

Source: VG247


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