God Of War: No Graphical Downgrades!

Is the game uglier than before, as it gets to its – now confirmed – release date?

God of War‘s principal artist, Raf Grassetti tried to debunk the rumors on Twitter, saying that the game, which was announced at the E3 in 2016, was downgraded graphically (which we have seen with several Ubisoft titles in the past) from the previous trailers and screenshots.

„What changed was just the direction of the light and fog, the E3 portion is in the game but different, you will understand when you’ll play it. Jormungandr, Kratos and Atreus remain the same as the trailers. [People] are comparing with other scenes and lights. I’m laughing,” Grassetti says. Previously, he also wrote the following in English, thankfully: „A few real-time shots from the God of War Story trailer. It was really difficult to put it together at the same time of trying to finish the full 25+ hours game with this quality. Props to everyone that helped out during the making of it and for Cory Barlogfor being a crazy genius!” Wasn’t the game 20+ hours until now? Hm.

God of War will launch on April 20, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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