Cancelled Silent Hills’ Teaser, P.T., Is Now Playable On PC! [VIDEO]

Konami won’t finish the game – the fans are porting its teaser over to the PC.

In 2015, Konami canceled Silent Hills, which was headed by the Kojima/ del Toro/Reedus trio. Then, the company also fired Hideo Kojima, which was followed by P.T. (Playable Teaser), which was a preview demo of Silent Hills with its August 2014 release date, getting removed from the PlayStation Network altogether.

The fans don’t forget, though – DSOGaming reports about not one, but two ports to the PC. These are in an early state, but they still look promising. The first one is called Corridors, which is a remake made in Unreal Engine 4. According to its creator, SmoggyChips, it’s still buggy (you might see it in the video below), but if you are curious, you can download it here.

The other one is made by a Reddit user, LinusPixel – the GIF is made by him below -, and he exported the animations, maps, and texture files from the original P.T. to be used in a new engine. The project is in a very early state – you can download it here.

Konami will likely never finish Silent Hills (and Capcom used the chance with Resident Evil 7, which felt quite similar to P.T.), so we can only rely on the fans to do the job…

Source: DSOGaming

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