Gran Turismo Sport: Why Does It Lack A Career Mode? [VIDEO]

Indeed, there’s no Gran Turismo mode in the Gran Turismo Sport!

Kazunori Yamauchi attended the Gran Turismo Sport launch event at Modena (where he also got an honorary degree in vehicle engineering), and he told why the new Gran Turismo game lacks that „career mode”:

„When people are talking about there’s no GT Mode anymore, that’s not quite true. In a narrow sense, the part that was the GT Mode in the past is now called Mission Challenge. It’s single player, there are various types of races, from the very short to the very long, with different regulations, and you can tune up the cars that you purchased to participate in those races.

Twenty years ago, when we did the first Gran Turismo, people knew what happens when you change an air filter, or increased compression ratios do to your car. But the new users don’t have that knowledge anymore because they’re not as interested in the cars, so we’ve simplified [some areas of the game] so you can do the same thing you were doing in the past, but it’s more user-friendly for people just getting into cars.”

WOW. That is one rough response, and the situation gets worse if you play Gran Turismo Sport offline. Without an Internet connection, the game doesn’t save your progress, according to VG247Ars Technica says that all you can do offline is single races and time trials, but if you don’t hook your PlayStation 4 to be connected, you get no level progression, no credits, and no access to the campaign. Also, no car purchases, viewing of purchased cars or editing your livery for you either!

At least there’s an amazing car: the Nissan GT-R /C can be controlled with just a DualShock 4! Talk about Sunday driver solutions!

Source:, VG247, Ars Technica

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