Agents Of Mayhem Release Window In A Leaked Trailer? [VIDEO]

Volition seems to continue their madness after Saints Row.

The developers announced Agents of Mayhem in June. Their goal was to create a Saints Row spin-off in a comic book style visuals-having game. However, someone decided to kick the embargo to the curbs and reveal a video that wasn’t supposed to be seen by us yet, and it also says that the game could arrive in August!

It is a surprising event: we haven’t heard much about Agents of Mayhem. The game plays in the same universe as Saints Row, but here, the focus will be on a group of anti-heroes against a supervillain. Volition seems to have continued their liking of abilities seen in Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell, as Agents of Mayhem will likely have a few of them, along with new skills, too.

„Ahoy, motherf___ers!” The trailer would be officially available from today with the release date getting confirmed, too. A Switch version isn’t in development.

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Angyal Anikó

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