Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Under Crossfire [VIDEO]

The fans believe the new Bioware game’s animations aren’t that decent.

Earlier this year, there were rumbles of the community about the subject, but the developers shoved the topic under the rug by saying it’s just a facial performance bug, making Ryder, Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s protagonist have exactly one facial expression. Here we are… again.

On the NeoGAF forums, multiple GIFs make fun of the game by either comparing it to other games (such as the first Mass Effect in 2007) or just pointing out the flawed animations. The funny thing is that most of the time, the aliens look more humane than the humans themselves with their facial expressions – something isn’t right here, couldn’t Bioware stick to Unreal Engine (which the original trilogy used) and just update to UE4 from 3? (Oh wait, EA’s engine, Frostbite was used, saving more money on costs. We get it.)

Take a look at the first video: in five minutes, the animations all get pointed out in a short and sweet video. There’s also a video with the hairstyles in focus. The game’s out on March 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. No, the day-1 patch will not improve the facial animations.

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