UPDATE – Persona 5: OMG! We Are So Awesome! [VIDEO]

UPDATE: This title is intentional! In Persona 5, one of our characters, namely Anne, will say this sentence after her successful All-Out Attack.

Atlus uploaded another short video featuring her special attack, and yes, the video is still in Japanese, but hey – we can understand what’s going on here, right? (Also have a look at Ryuji’s attack.)

Persona 5 will be out in North America on February 14, followed by a European launch via Deep Silver at an undisclosed date.

ORIGINAL: The Persona series have a stylish, deep combat system JRPG that requires tens of hours to complete. Atlus‘ game received a short but fast-paced video that you can see below.

Atlus still knows the drill: our characters can have multiple Personas, and they all can have different kinds of attacks, allowing players to change their combat style to their liking. While the video is in Japanese (the game launches in September over there on both the PS4 and the PS3!), you can still understand the combat system.

The release date in North America (only on the PlayStation 4!) is February 14, which is a somewhat unfortunate day, as this is when also Ubisoft’s new IP, For Honor, arrives in the stores. The European publisher will be Deep Silver, but they didn’t confirm when they will release Persona 5 in Europe…

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