A Dead Rising Remaster Is In The Works For PlayStation 4?

Trophies surfaced for Dead Rising – so far, we haven’t seen the franchise on the PlayStation 4, but something is coming shortly, it seems!

Frank West appeared almost a decade ago, in the summer of 2006, when Dead Rising launched on the Xbox 360 in North America. The open world zombie survival game got two sequels, and the fourth installment is also in development. Up to now, we only got Dead Rising 2 (and its Off The Record variant) on a Sony console, but there may be another game heading to a PlayStation.

On Exophase, Dead Rising‘s PS4 trophies appeared, which means Frank West might be walking to the „blue side.” (We also have to mention that Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which launched in 2009 on PS2/PS3/PSP/Wii/DS/X360, also got its trophies on PS4.)

Let’s wait what Capcom will say. Meanwhile, Dead Rising 4, a reimagination of the first episode, is heading to the X1 and PC, with a December 6 launch date.

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