The New Game From The Devs Of The Order: 1886 Will Be Totally Different

Ready at Dawn is ready (at dawn) to reveal their latest game. This team created The Order: 1886 and God of War: Ghosts of Sparta. In comparison to these two games, we can expect a smaller, cheaper title is getting an announcement next week.

Previously, we wrote about how Gamestop launched their game publishing arm called GameTrust. They managed to get a few partners on board in no time, including Ready at Dawn. Their game is up next on GameTrust‘s list. This information was confirmed by COO of Gamestop, Tony Bartel during their latest call to investors.

We don’t know what platforms Ready at Dawn develop their game for yet; we’ll have to find until next week to get all answers. The game, likely to be a cheaper, smaller development (a TPS, it seems), should be out by the end of this year, though. GameTrust also got Tequila Works and Frozenbyte to publish games by them as well by the end of 2016.

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