Paris terrorist attacks – Déja vu from a game? Was the terrorist attack already divulged?! [VIDEO]

What happened on Friday can’t be described by many words. Maybe just with one: shocking! Despite the events, something came to our mind. The date is quite suspicious, and it reminded us of a previously released game.
2011. Battlefield 3 – the sixth single player campaign called Comrades. When is it playing? 2020… November 13?! There are already conspiracy theories going on about this, but we are just shocked.

Maybe this is just a sad coincidence. What makes it even weirder is that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – also released in 2011 – has a Paris mission as well, but that plays on October 9, 2016…
It seems that some games are being used for simulation before the real events, and the fact that Fall 2011’s two FPS stars both had a Paris level gives a sour aftertaste to this story.


Wait! There’s more! In September 2014, someone on the French forum Jeuxvideo was warning everyone about attacks, which are going to happen on November 13! The user “Encor1Ban” wrote the following in French. “There will be a series of attacks starting from this famous date (November Friday 13th) Be careful of ALL vehicles, like planes, trains, metro,… And public places I have my sources Enjoy” While this was written in 2014, it may be that this person may have some connection to these events, particularly because he said he had good sources of information on this subject. Shocking!
(The news article’s image is taken from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.)


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