Come, watch the WHOLE SEASON of The Witcher TV series (2002) with us!

Whether If you already have The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt or not, you might be ABSOLUTELY interested in watching the original TV series which (or “witch” haha) had many problems, and was very low budget, but still the main guy is nothing short excellent as the young Geralt and he also looks the part very much. It also an had excellent ambience.

You can also see for yourself how the enfant Geralt became a witcher.


Let’s cut the talk, there’s all the 13 episodes of the original TV series – in Polish with English subtitles.

The Witcher – Episode 01:Childhood

The Witcher – Episode 02:Training

The Witcher – Episode 03:Human

The Witcher – Episode 04:The Dragon

The Witcher – Episode 05:A Shard of Ice

The Witcher – Episode 06:Calanthe

The Witcher – Episode 07:The Valley of Flowers

The Witcher – Episode 08:Crossroads

The Witcher – Episode 09:The Temple of Melitele

The Witcher – Episode 10:The Lesser Evil

The Witcher – Episode 11: Dandelion

The Witcher – Episode 12:Falwick

The Witcher – Episode 13: Ciri (Final episode)

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