PlayStation Vita 3000 trademarked! One surprise extra output will be added!

PlayStation handhelds got a facelift quite often – PSP had no less than five variations (1-2-3 series, Go and the budget model E1000), and now the Vita is going towards its third version. We know this from the fact that Sony filed a trademark – the PS Vita 3000 seems to have a HDMI video out on the top while still retaining the LCD screen, which is used because of the price compared to the initial Vita’s OLED screen. Sony will probably show it on the E3, but it they won’t, TGS will see it 100%.


Anikó, our pretty news writer and communication manager, is more interested in the business side of the gaming industry. She worked at banks, and she has a vast knowledge of business life. Still, she likes puzzle and story oriented games, like Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, which is her favorite title. She also played The Sims 3, but after killing a whole sim family accidentally swore to not to play it again.

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