The game, which finished the Ubisoft E3 program, also got a launch date: it comes in December on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

The Development Of Steep Took Someone’s Life!

Extreme sports game Steep‘s development isn’t going according to the plan because a professional skier has lost her life during recording promotional footage for…

We haven't seen No Man's Sky in the last few weeks, but it looks like the devs really took their time to improve!

Did No Man’s Sky’s Developers Steal Superformula?

Superformula, a program code, is the latest „argument” around No Man’s Sky – a Dutch company believes that Hello Games stole the formula. After…


Two Episodic Games Offer Their First Episode For Free! [VIDEO]

Two recent episodic games’ first chapter can be downloaded for no cost. However, one of them require you to have Windows 10 (this one…

The combat is great, albeit frustrating against more than two enemies, and the enemy placement seems unfair at times as you’ll end up dragging four of them in certain encounters.

Nioh’s Beta Demo Launches On… When Day?

Koei Tecmo previously promised that a beta demo would also be available for the Japanese-styled Nioh. We can now tell you when it’s coming.…

I'm giving this a 2/10 - if it wasn't this expensive, it could have received a 3.

Ghostbusters –…

Who You Gonna Not Call?

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I think to really appreciate Inside, after you completed it, days need to the past, and you need to think about it, what was this incredible journey is all about.

Inside –…

Creativity Inside

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Call of…

Shot'em'up in Space

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The game will be available in the Xbox Game Preview program, but the psychological thriller/survival horror We Happy Few will also be available for PC from July 26.

We Happy…

Joy Division of 1984

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About the story, Luc Besson says part of it is a police investigation and a whodunit. It won't be like a Marvel movie, where you know who the villain is right out of the gate.

New Valerian…

MOVIE NEWS – After a footage from…

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Jurassic World broke The Avengers' four-year opening weekend record last summer, taking in a whopping $208.8 million.

Production of…

MOVIE NEWS – New rumors asserts that…

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Pokémon Go is a worldwide success, and we're not exaggerating about this whatsoever.

Pokémon Go…

Pokémon Go is now available in Japan,…

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